Sixteen years in the making, this story is about a girl who does not have a country as she did not take sides. She comes from mixed marriages from the former Yugoslavia. The only side she could take is her own. Twenty years have past since the Yugoslavian War in the 90’s and many stories have been told, but not her own.  
“I am not inviting you to be part of Yugoslavian History. I am inviting you to be part of the Future of this Planet.”  Jasmine Lovelstzy

Jasmine is using both her academic studies in mathematics, theology and filmmaking, as well as her personal experiences and painting, to connect Food, Numbers, and Love. She believes we are all Children of this Planet with different backgrounds and connections to The Universe and that we do not need to feel alone. She would love to build a bridge between different cultures and religions and invite people to share a meal together.

The purpose of making this film is to convey awareness of the lost Hybrid Generation that come from mixed marriages in the Former Yugoslavia and that currently live in many countries worldwide. Our long term goal is to build educational centers that will be promoting intercultural and inter-religious cooperation and communication.

What is Yugoslavian Girl In South Africa About?
Yugoslavian Girl is a film based on the book Yugoslavian Identity and Other Fairytales by Jasmine Lovelstzy. Jasmine, filmmaker, mathematician and theologian, was born in the former Yugoslavia, a country that no longer exists. Her parents were born in one country, and today their birth place is in two different countries. That makes Jasmine a hybrid child with multinational background.
This hybrid child grew up feeling free in a place where she felt unity with her neighbors and friends, a place where her family never needed to lock their door as there was no crime and where equality was promoted.
In addition she was also brought up in a family of intellectuals and scientists so religion never played a part in her upbringing. Jasmine, however, always had some kind of spiritual connection that she could never find among her immediate family. Since a young age Jasmine questioned the human existence and her place in the world. When she was fifteen years old, she started writing her diary. These are the first few questions she wrote:

Dear G’d,
Who am I?
Where Do I Come From?
Why Am I Here?

These questions became even more prominent when Jasmine was at school in South Africa during the time her country started to fall apart.
For the first time in her life she started to feel fragmented when her classmates began asking what nationality she belongs to: is she Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian or something else. So even tho Yugoslavia was a non-aligned country, Jasmine ironicly found herself in a place where she was confronted to take sides.
She felt like a child left behind as Yugoslavia split into different countries, each corresponding to a particular nationality. There was no place for children from mixed marriages. So Yugoslavians became refugees and were dispersed to many countries around the world. Some of them found their new home in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe. Jasmine chose to acquire her citizenship in South Africa from the late President Nelson Mandela.

She was grateful for her new passport, still she was conscious that these 20 pages stapled together could not replace her birth country.
She could feel separation and conflict within her own self which led her to visit the Old City of Jerusalem where she faced her own mirror within the separation of the Four Quarters. That is when she realized she doesn’t need to take sides, as she can be whole even with her own multicultural background.

Since Jasmine’s birth country no longer existed, she set out to travel the world to meet other people who hold a shared vision of a united global family, a place she could finally fit in and feel at home again.

During her journey, she met many people including her husband Nicolas and together they have a shared vision of creating Global Villages with a Universal Vision of Peace through educational centers, where everyone can learn from each other and be equal regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and social status and where honoring each other’s diversity is being promoted.

Why we are crowd funding?
75% of filming, research and interviews have already taken place on locations in South Africa, Europe and the Former Yugoslavia. When completed, it will be a full length feature film and will also include a short film version. Now we need additional funding to get the film done professionally which will cover the production costs such as filming the remaining scenes, Camera Team, Accommodation, Meals and Travel expenses for the cast and crew, professional Editor, submission fees for different Film Festivals as well as the cost of printing DVD, CD and Book in bulk to lower manufacturing costs.

Any extra funds we receive will be used towards the completion of Golden Rainbow Villages from which 100% of the royalty goes to registered Non-Profit: ABC for Life, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, and for the long-term vision of building the educational center.

No $$$ to contribute?
No worries, by simply passing the message on to the next person via Facebook, Twitter, other social network sites, or good old fashion word of mouth, you can greatly help support the completion of the Yugoslavian Girl film. The more people we reach, the more we can do! Thanks for helping us get the word out and joining us on this journey.
“I am not inviting you to be a part of Yugoslavian History, I am inviting you to be a part of the Future of this Planet.”  Jasmine Lovelstzy

SUPPORTING CAST: Lela and Lucia Kaplowitz
PRODUCERS: Lillian Chan, Jasmine Lovelstzy and Nicolas Radcliffe
CO-PRODUCERS: Cornelle du Plessis, Jovan Drapsin
DIRECTOR: Jasmine Lovelstzy

Pre-Production Shot:


Designed by Lead Architect: Barbara Kreitmayer


Jasmine does not have a country. She does not mean to offend anyone, she just wants to tell her own story through Food, Numbers, and Love.



Sixteen years ago she was by my side in La Jolla, California. It was the year when I set out on a journey of publishing my autobiography. Today, she is finally witnessing the completion of this journey, which is allowing me to let go and open myself to new adventures.


To my Mom, who dedicated her entire life to me and my visions, by reminding me to never forget the pure love with which she single raised me.