Terms and Conditions:

To receive the limited edition song and a chance to win the Deluxe Album Pack, the following actions must be taken.

  1. Choose 1 of 3 of the songs on our Sound Cloud.
  2. Record yourself dancing or singing to one of those songs.
  3. Upload the video via youtube, Facebook or other video sharing service.
  4. Post on your Facebook page the video of you singing or dancing to the song on our sound cloud.
  5. In that post, tag and like our Facebook page, which will send us a notification.
  6. Share the contest via this link: Share Here
  7. We will send the limited edition song via Facebook message within 72 hours maximum of your posting.

If you do not have a Facebook Page and wish to participate, you may follow steps 1-6 on another social media platform. Email us a link to your social media profile where you posted your video to: contest@omglovetwins.com

Note: If you happen to be the winner of the Deluxe Album Pack, we will contact you via Facebook message or email if you opted for another social media platform.

The winners name will be pulled from a hat at random at a live hangout on air on July 11th 2015.