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My family purchased this You magazine in Johannesburg during the time we were starting project and it was symbolically one of the candles shining light thru all these 8 years to keep going even thru the darkest times. The story started with Elijah Ray writing The Original Vision in November 2005 which Jasmine Lovelstzy brought here to South Africa and added her vision of future education; then she met Val Toledo in January 2006 who added her vision of Alternative Education which in part she is already implementing with 800 children in Hout Bay via her non-profit NGO called ABC for Life ( ). All these visions were printed with a cover letter addressed to Madiba and then in February 2006, Jasmine’s family drove her to Madiba’s office where she gave them a copy with a LOGO of all the SA Rainbow Children holding hands together. The letter was acknowledged. Then 3 weeks later a gathering in Cape Town took place at the footsteps of the Table Mountain community that included Kate Ann Spreckley, Erica Koen, Jay Carson, Renee, Val, Ian, Michael De Wet, Robyn Bridgett Liebenberg, Iain A Macdonald Awakening-Intuition, Celeste Santos, Raven Roberts and then on the conference call we had Peter Rae and Andrew Peterson from London, Lee Patrick Hanks from USA and +Elijah- and the Band of Light called from Australia ~ with this we are Honoring all the lights shining brightly for all of us to see our pathway that can lead us in the right direction of our soul purpose ~ L0VE ~