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Peter welcome we love you its Nicolas and Jasmine

Peter Rae UK, [23.03.21 17:26]
[ Missed video call ]

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[ Missed call ]

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Could not find where to receive your call?!

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Freedom book

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [23.03.21 17:36]

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School of the Future

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [23.03.21 17:49]
Danke from Germany

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [23.03.21 17:50]
*Anke from Germany

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People’s Assemblies

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [23.03.21 17:57]
Randomly selected group of people

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Experts argue over the weekend

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Discussion groups

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[ Outgoing call (36 min 54 s) ]

Peter Rae UK, [23.03.21 18:11]
Look up ANKE EVERTZ in this medium. She is using this well, combined with Zoom.

Peter Rae UK, [23.03.21 18:15]
The author of ‘Freedom’ is the Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith, one of whose websites is ‘‘. There are plenty of videos there. He gives away all his material, while giving people a chance to buy them too. A genuine teacher’s business model.

Peter Rae UK, [23.03.21 18:49]
I suggest you join this Channel. He is Telegram’s founder as far as I can determine.

Peter Rae UK, [23.03.21 18:49]
[Forwarded from Durov’s Channel]
🎉 More good news – I am happy to share that Telegram has raised over $1 billion by selling bonds (a form of debt) to some of the largest and most knowledgeable investors from all over the world. This will enable Telegram to continue growing globally while sticking to its values and remaining independent. These resources will also fuel the monetization strategy I outlined ( in December.

As I said when launching Telegram almost 8 years ago, the end goal for Telegram is to become a financially sustainable project that can serve humanity for decades (or centuries) to come. Today’s news is another step towards that goal.

Peter Rae UK, [23.03.21 18:50]
School of the Future.

Peter Rae UK, [23.03.21 18:50]
[Forwarded from 🌟Anke Evertz🌟 (ANKE Evertz)]

BITTE hört euch das an!!!


Alte Systeme werden durch NEUE ersetzt….. Es ist GRANDIOS ❤️❤️❤️

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An intro to Anke.

Peter Rae UK, [23.03.21 18:51]
[Forwarded from 🌟Anke Evertz🌟 (ANKE Evertz)]
[ Video ]

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Great thanks so much Peter we L0VE you sooo much it was really great connecting via phone ❤️❤️❤️

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[ Sticker ]

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Day #2

(posted also on FB )

Hello everyone! Here is the Day #2 Summary from private phone calls and chats on WhatsApp, Telegram, as well as Facebook Messengers, Email, and SMS/Phone TXT. We are introducing now an FAQ at the beginning for everyone to understand.
0. FAQ Answered:

0.1 * This GRV Code of Ethics group was originally envisioned in December 2020 while speaking with Trevor and they agreed they will be available until Easter So over the weekend we checked the Calender and realized that Easter is around the corner. So we have invited you to this temporary group until the end of this month (at the latest), specifically to collaborate on co-writing the copyright page and honoring the terms for this project spanning 15 years so we can uphold the integrity of the original values and agreements of that time. As this is a collaboration, new ideas and questions are coming up including “What is next”, so we are adding a “Future” topic under point 9.

0.2 The original notion was that we don’t move forward unless 100% of the people agree so no one is left behind and without fully being heard or not being overpowered by the majority. So today we invite you to fully share what you feel, make suggestions and strong notions with a choice to explain so whatever we decide, it must be streamlined but also be a decision that we all must agree upon together so that everyone participating now in this discussion is satisfied.

* Below are a few new numbers and feel free to add more or to adjust the current numbers so we can start finalizing the text next to each number.

* Suggested Number Adjustments

3. Grammar and Punctuation Edit

3.1 “3. To be decided upon whether it is to be shared privately among contributors /members of the Golden Rainbow Villages only, or if it can be shared publicly, as well.”

3.2 “change number 3 to “Entries are to be shared only among contributors and members of the Golden Rainbow Villages project or publicly.”

6. Copyright – No changes, just an invite to re-read from Day 1

7. Open Source

7.1 Comment: “prefer the open-source model than the copyright model tbh I’d rather my ideas be shared universally and not claim the ‘rights’ to them”

7.2 Comment: “why the heavy emphasis on copyright in a free publication? Would it not be more in keeping with the rainbow spirit to make everything open source, with the request that anything reproduced elsewhere, is accompanied by the name of the author and his/her contact detail(s), either directly or via a mailbox?”

7.3 Comment: “This is an excellent idea as I personally love the Open Source because we can move things much faster this way. Originally when we have sent an invite to our friends and family, we also wrote that they are free to forward an invite to who they feel and it was an overwhelming response where we ended up with a wonderful spectrum of people with rainbow colors and some colors were sensitive about their writings and were asking if it is protected. So we researched and found out that when publishing a book, cd, and DVD compilations, we have two possibilities: Either each author gives copyright to the publisher or the copyright stays with each individual author. So we have decided the second option that copyright will stay with each author, as it was supposed to be sold on Amazon. So maybe because now we will only be sharing the project for free in a digital format, as you say we can make it open source for free distribution and include a clause, something like if someone does want to use a particular article/song/video for a commercial purpose to speak with the author directly… what do you all feel?”

8. Leaderless

8.1 Comment: “My only issue is “leaderless project”.”

8.2 Producers reply: Shining light on “leaderless project”:”This project started 15 years ago with the vision of a free of charge and leaderless community (Please see number 1.

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [25.03.21 17:10]
under Vision page ) to make sure that the platform holds the space where we are all equal and people were invited to be contributing authors or producers and to share or produce something in a written, audio or a visual format with that intention, so we cannot now go back on that regarding what we have done up to the time of this writing. Only for the future if someone has suggestions for another project, we can feel free to add under number 9.

An issue of the “leaderless” notion, as pointed out” is that there was never an appointed executive person or a “movie” director to say: “It’s a wrap” thus we are all sitting here 15 years later with no movie to watch nor a book to read (or music to listen) as it’s all sitting in the “Producer’s Computer” aka us ❤️ lol

So we took a temporary leadership in 2019 to ask our family and friends if they can come on Temporary Executive Board to support us in completing this project so now March 2021 we are in these last few steps thanks to all of you for not giving up on us and especially those who we said 15 years ago the book/cd/dvd will be ready in 2-3 weeks ❤️ much love to all ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ”

9. Future

9.1 The last conscious community hub we had was Zaadz which closed down in March 2010 and since then most people came to Facebook, but also in the meanwhile many people left, especially recently and joined signal, telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tiktok, and other places.

9.2 Comment regarding a possible future community:

9.2.1 “We spoke with a few people and the idea that came through was that we co-create a separate platform possibly with those who want to be co-founders with a clear Code of Ethics (see as an example Val’s Vision and Principles info below About
and laws that the community collaborates on establishing and agrees to from the start which can be continuously adjusted as we go along as they do at Summerhill School at their weekly meetings Click

9.2.2 Comment (For a possible Future Community)
“My only issue is “leaderless project”.
“I have tried at various points:
1. Diffuse leadership cadre 2. Each individual participant is responsible for meeting the project’s various leadership challenges”

9.3 Someone suggested that possibly we can create this like a hub or news/magazine website where we can have one place where we communicate and learn who does what and find an easier way to connect with those who have projects that we are interested in with the vision of co-creating a safe place and environment where we can all support each other with our endeavors and projects to help each other succeed.

9.4 Property

There is a notion to create a team that will be focused on putting together a list of properties to be purchased or rented that has an area for organic farming.

9.5 Puzzles

9.5.1 This is our suggestion and we would love to hear your input; Since we don’t have one centralized platform (at the moment) for this decentralized community and since we already have a few entries for Golden Rainbow Puzzles, we are inviting everyone if you feel of course, to share any ideas about the next step on how to create a community or any other topics you have. Then we can put that into the Golden Rainbow Puzzles book that we started compiling in 2007. ( )

9.5.2 In case there is an interest in what we wrote in 9.4.1, our next suggestion is that we send an invite, only to those who submitted an entry to Golden Rainbow Villages in the last 15 years to share any updated information and that we can put all these entries into Golden Rainbow Puzzles book/magazine with a deadline of April 30th and that we edit by may 15th and then share with everyone.

May the force of pure love essence be with every breath we take

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[ Sticker ]

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Peter we just posted this In a group we love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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[ Photo ]

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Peter this is a personal email so I am not posting it on the group but maybe if you have time later today for another chat on the phone if you have a little time to spare please let us know love uuuuu ❤️❤️❤️

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 13:39]
[ Cancelled call ]

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[ Outgoing call (6 min 48 s) ]

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[ Outgoing call ]

Peter Rae UK, [28.03.21 15:11]
[ Missed call ]

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 16:38]

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 17:03]
Steering Committee 12 Jury Bench … Trial period 6 months

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 17:06]
Making short movie clips along the which become part of educational and inspirational library

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 17:14]
You have been invited to
We respect that if someone is MIA

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 17:15]
Some things done collectively

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 17:15]
Missing a platform

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 17:16]

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 17:18]
Skill grid

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 17:19]

welcome new members (in creative order) 🥰🥰🥰
1. Val Toledo I met her in January 2006 in Cape Town at the screening of the Indigo Evolution film who is the reason for creating this book/cd/dvd compilation with her submissio of the New Paradigm Curriculum ❤️
2. Zoe Readhead principal of Summerhill School in England and daughter of the founder A.S. Neill who gave me permission to add some writings and pictures of Summerhill into the GRV book compilation back in November 2006 and we also went to visit Summerhill in 2015 and Zoe’s son
Henry Readhead gave us a tour ❤️
3. Guirlaine Belizaire Out of hundreds of people I have met in New York over the 10 years I have lived there, there is no person that knows me better then Guirlaine my Guardian Angel who I met at the safe and sacred Spiritual Entertainment monthly physical gatherings at Muriel Stockdale’s SoHo loft February 2003 where along with Muriel, and 2 others we became Board of Directors each bringing different pieces of puzzles to the table to support very active Spiritual Cinema community ❤️
4. Shoshanna Gleich i also met Shoshi around the same time at one of the monthly gatherings at Muriel’s place which was like a hub where we meet spiritual people who love theater and films and then go out and we support each other with each other’s projects like when Shoshanna was creating a theater play on her famos rollorscates we went to support her and when I was making short independent films, the community came to support me ❤️
5. Peggy Pj Starr we met in May 2006 on Zaadz, a conscious online community with the same purpose as Golden Rainbow Villages, to change the world 🌍 by making it better place for all and i took a Neurographica chakra drawing class with Peggy back in December 2020 with the intention to complete the Golden Rainbow Villages project and at some point Peggy said to look for some patterns and I suddenly saw eye glasses and i took it as a symbolism to look at things from a different perspective painted the glasses with indigo color which was the original name of the book Indigo Circle and then I colored some circles with the rest of the Rainbow colors which is the word we later added because South Africa is called the Rainbow 🌈 Nation so became Indigo Rainbow Circle for awhile before changing the name to Indigo Rainbow Village and then the Golden Rainbow Villages ❤️ Peggy was also my bridesmaid ❤️
6. Joseph Feigelson also met on Zaadz inspired by his sprouts garden 🪴 and eco homes and later meeting him Cape Town and deeply connecting on many other levels and topics ❤️
7. Troy Wellard also met on Zaadz inspired by one of his heart felt writings and Troy is currently researching regarding Writer’s Guild ❤️
8. Brian King also met on Zaadz inspired by one of his drawings which led to chatting on different forums or people’s blogs comments as like Muriel provided that safe physical space at her loft, so did Zaadz provide very safe environment where we can all freely share what we think and feel while respecting others and their different view point ❤️
9. MaRta Mihaylova with her soulmate Peter Deeptaksha we can just sit by the lake Zurich and be silent with each other yet feeling like we are saying a lot or eating watermelon at 2am while sitting in a car and then falling a sleep only to wake up with a sunrise yet feeling still full of energy ❤️
10. Rocky Samorano i met on one of the Indigo Meetups and connected deeply on the topic of education. He introduced me to Nicoolas and he was his best men at our wedding Another person we can be silent around and it feels ok ❤️
11. Micha she is the only person on this entire planet 🌍 who knows me from the day I was born 🙂 awww my Mom ❤️
12. Biljana Ackovski and me met when we were small just when she came back from living in Japan (her Dad was an Ambassador so she lived in many different countries growing up) and her Mom Aunty Lela and my Mom (Micha) met while studying Mineralogy at University and became best friends so both of us grew up with lots of rocks and minerals all over our house

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 17:19]
13. Twins Jasmine Nicolas I met Nicolas, my soulmate, when I came with Rocky to interview him for the Golden Rainbow Villages project

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 17:34]
[ Outgoing call (142 min 31 s) ]

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 19:01]
[ Photo ]

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 19:02]
Only 2 hours and 22 minutes 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [28.03.21 19:03]
Peter as discussed here are the 3 “GRV Code of Ethics” groups
please click on the links below and join. Oh and when you do, you will be the only person besides us that are part of all 3 groups 🥰 love love love

1. Facebook Group

2. WhatsApp Group

3. Telegram Group

Peter Rae UK, [28.03.21 21:28]
Hello Twins,

Good time setting, eh?

I have made my notes on the following pages, for you to use as you see fit. North Africa beckons for the next 2 days.

Lots of Love

P xx

Peter Rae UK, [28.03.21 21:28]
[ Album ]

TwinsCom 210328 

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [29.03.21 08:24]
Peter good morning we downloaded and started reading and fell asleep woke up at some point and we were like ok let’s just finish first answering your email and finishing Day #3 as that energy is before so others can start to process and we again fell asleep lol just woke up. So just communicating that we will now go to finish

1. your group reply
2. Day #3 Draft #3 (summary)

and then we will come back to read which we will incorporate in Day #4 summary 😊 ❤️ love uuu ❤️

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [29.03.21 08:26]
Lol *meant to say first to finish answering your group message (not email lol)

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [30.03.21 21:58]

[ Photo ]

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [30.03.21 22:54]
[ Photo ]

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [30.03.21 22:54]
Almost an hour since we last sent you a screenshot trying to be the last version before we post on the group ❤️

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [30.03.21 23:01]
Disclaimer: Message from Nicolas:

* Hello everyone, I have been writing a reply to Peter for over five hours after Peter posted this originally two days ago while Jasmine was trying to call Peter on the phone as she prefers to talk (I think you all know that lol but she loves you all). So after these five hours Peter picked up the phone (yayyy!) and we have of course quantum jumped to a totally different galaxy by the end of the 2 hours and 22 minutes intergalactic conversation lol which shows the power of phone chats.

Then we agreed that I will still send this reply and will adjust it after our conversation with Peter so that everyone can be included in the conversation for the sake of transparency of others in this group. So it took me yesterday 11 hours to re-adjust, and after 11 hours I told Jasmine this is not possible and the feeling we have cannot be fully translated into words as it will be interpreted differently by each person. Then this morning, I started reading Jasmine these replies of mine, so below we tried to summarize as much as possible, the three days of me trying to reply to Peter. As Abraham Lincoln once said something like: I’m sorry I wrote such a long reply, I did not have the time to write a short one. 🙂 So below is the shortest we could come up with as of the time of this post as now we have to go back to finish the Day 3 Summary, we love you all!

This Golden Rainbow Villages project is a futuristic vision, a concept if you will, rather than a business and our goal is just simply to finish it as soon as possible in the form of a time capsule with the current entries. Once it is completed then those who are interested in more future possibilities can discuss projects including those that are more business-oriented in nature.

lol Yes of course we have to organize, you can see us in our 22-second video clip featuring our song Organize!

As we spoke on the phone, with all of this we are really just trying to be transparent and that people can understand different points of view from different groups. Lots of these conversations have gone all over the place, far away from what we have originally invited everyone to be a part of. Which is to create a copyright and common values page so we can release this book.

For the next project for those who want to be a part of it can take on more roles and responsibilities as well as creating a more centralized platform that we can all speak about instead of being separated by different groups like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook. And again the goal of this is to create a copyright and common values page that
everyone is comfortable with so we can release this book.

As Jasmine already provided screenshots, this Free of Charge and
Leaderless concept was written and publicly displayed on Jasmine’s Light Source University website from the very beginning when it was sent as the first invitation of February 1st, 2006 of which many replied and said they really feel what was written and would like to be part of this project.

What is interesting is that what Jasmine just realized going over many of the correspondences that you guys had literally 15 years ago in March 20th, 2006, where she was speaking with you privately and also with many other people. She was asking your permission if she can share publicly on the forum so you said yes. And now 15 years later March 2021, you Peter are posting things public on Telegram, but there are others who are now at the place where you were at 15 years ago not knowing others except us. So let’s honor different colors and where people are, as that’s what this is about.

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [30.03.21 23:01]
Again for future projects we can all write and collaborate on
new terms in what those projects will be about and focused on and from
there we can have much more flexibility when we start something from
scratch. Our goal for this GRV Code of Ethics groups and vortex of energy
is just simply to collaborate with everyone now for the terms and conditions of how this is to be legally distributed as mentioned in Day 2 and of course a copyright page.

GRV was intended to be in the form of both a digital and physical Book, CD, DVD, and Game and sold on Amazon. But it was decided two years ago during the 21 days GRV Completion Challenge that it would be released free in a digital format.

As they say… What happens in GRV stays in GRV lol. The Vision was originally written by +Elijah- in November 2005 and co-created by many individuals over the years including yourself Peter, as you created Version 4 which is included in the GRV book compilation. So we want to now share this Book/CD/DVD 1 in order to close the chapter so we can finally move onto a new project and co-creation where, among many
improvements can include developing a chain or network of communities in which, as you said: “love can be given constant expression.”

Regarding future developments of where we go from here, that is up to each individual person, as everyone has the freedom to say “I’m not interested to continue” and for those of us who’d love to be part of a platform where “love is a constant expression” we together can decide if we’d all prefer to either be more online, offline or a hybrid mix so everyone can be involved in different ways around the world.

Therefore I think it’s important that we differentiate things a bit
because I know it can be a little confusing since there is so much
information… First is the vision which had many additions
from different people of what GRV could become, that vision is to be
archived in the GRV time capsule and can be taken and adapted as we as
a group sees fit for how we organize together future projects. Second
is the GRV project which are the entries for the Book, CD, and DVD that
have been submitted over the last 15 years and we would love to share with everyone. But we first need input for the terms and conditions that we can all agree upon such as copyrights, etc.

Again great initiative about physical communities and setting the target of creating the first one! This can definitely be put on the
agenda for the next stage once we complete this legal and time capsule

Yes, great idea to look at what existing communities have done and what we can learn so we don’t need to re-invent the wheel in areas we don’t have to.

Question: What is a non-duality book?
Answer: Meaning without judgment or bias regarding the entries that were
submitted which is part of the concept of the book also being
uncensored and unedited. It is also under the warning on the original invitation where it says in the second paragraph where it talks about purpose.

Once again thank you for taking your time and
energy to write all of this, we really appreciate it and I think this
is crucial for all of us to understand what phase we are at together
and get on the same page to finish this as soon as possible.


Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [31.03.21 19:42]
Topic: New GRV Meeting 2nd Phase
Time: Mar 31, 2021 06:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 795 1633 7244
Passcode: 10ppNa

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [31.03.21 19:42]
New link

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [02.04.21 12:23]
[ Cancelled call ]

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [02.04.21 12:24]
[ Cancelled call ]

Peter Rae UK, [02.04.21 12:25]
Not now. Engaged. X

Twins Nicolas Jasmine, [02.04.21 13:48]
Got it no problem thanks Peter for communication we love you